About Us (Aust) Pty Ltd was founded by Shane and Melita Matchett, who for years while running their successful building business had organized carpools to get teams of workers to sites all over the south east Queensland region.

After a great deal of research into the few successful carpooling arrangements around the world, and into the many failed systems, developed a logic and an approach that delivered security and value to corporations wishing to offer their staff an alternative to the long commute.

The first fully commercial system, externally hosted for the client, was trialed by the staff at the Coles Group HQ in 2006. Learning by observing the use of that system by the staff and the organization, Carpool-it has gone on to evolve higher order systems for corporations that have reporting requirements, security and communication needs with their workforce.

In 2008 the service was entirely rebadged and launched as The site is open to anyone to register on for free to get a feel of the system, and to form a carpool if they wish. However the corporate and institutional clients sites are not visible from that location, nor easily accessible to the general public.